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Welcome to Real World Software Process Engineering.

Real World Software Process Engineering is dedicated to providing information, tools, and experiences from the field of Software Process Engineering. 

This site will house articles, tools, applications, references, and other downloads related to Software Process Engineering and the disciplines found in a normal Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).  They include, but are not limited too,  Business Modeling, Requirements, Architecture, Analysis & Design, Implementation, Testing, Deployment, Configuration and Change Management, Project Management, and Environment.

We currently have the following downloads available in the Registered Members area:

» Product Line Engineering Resource Kit is a kit of reusable assets made for use with SPARX EA on Software Product Line projects.

» The SharePoint Diagram Tool which reverse engineers SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013 SharePoint sites into HTML, text, and DGML for displaying in a diagram.

» The PDF2Text Converter download contains an application that converts PDF files into a text file, keeping the PDF's format.

» Mouse Mover download stops screensavers from kicking in and VPNs from timing out.

» Tool for Reverse Engineering ASP.NET to the Web Application Extension (WAE) UML Profile in SPARX Enterprise Architect

» Visual Development Case UML Profile for SPARX Enterprise Architect

» Web Application Extension (WAE) ASPX Patterns for SPARX Enterprise Architect

» Eclipse Process Framework (EPF) Process Mapping UML Profile

» Product Line Engineering (PLE) UML Modeling Profile in Sparx Enterprise Architect (EA)

» WAE UML Stereotypes, Stencils, Templates, and ASP.NET Patterns for Visio

» Smart Client / Winform Encryption Tool

Each download has more information available in the Registered Member's download area.
The the media and tools we are providing on this site are related to the Software Development Processes listed below.
Software Development Processes
» Scaled Agile Framework
» Lean software development
» Kanban (development)
» XP
» Agile-Model Driven Development
» Scrum
» OpenUP
» The Unified Software Development Process
» Rational Unified Process (RUP)
» Enterprise Unified Process (EUP)
» Product Line Engineering (PLE)  

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