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Corporate Systems & Solutions (CSS) was created in 1994 and found it's way to the web in 1996.  CSS  was responsible for a multitude of brochureware web sites during the dotcom boom.  Most are long gone, but a few remain, and some have pieces and parts of our work still hanging around embedded in a new framework.  Like most businesses in that time period CSS fizzled and the original team disbanded.  A new team has done some small projects over the years, but it is just far to easy too charge outrageous consulting fees to the big firms out there, than it is to make an honest $ off mom and pop shops.  That is where our experience that has produced the tools and guidance found on this site comes from. 

We have been in the Engineering and IT field for the past 15 years working on advertising applications, hospital software, a multitude of government projects, mobile distribution applications for manufacturing and logistic companies, and of course financial applications.  We have learned over the years to strive to use industry standards in all that we do.  We have learned that nothing is invented, it is only discovered.  There is always someone somewhere who has done, or is doing, what we are doing, and they are doing it better than us.

This web site is is a companion site to the Real World Software Architecture Blog.  This new site was created because over time there has been reason to upload files related to the blogs and they have become scattered and unmanageable.

More recently there has been a need to upload some  new downloads that may need to be updated over time.  This site was created to allow for better management of uploads as well as better communication channels related to the uploads.


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